Virtual Desktop and B.Y.O.D. – as safe as it gets.

According to a new report, more than 60% of Federal Agencies have a “bring your own device” (B.Y.O.D.) policy for their employees, with more than 44% of Federal Employees already using their own devices at work – claiming it makes them more productive.

In part, a response to a 2011 Executive Order to Agencies to limit the number of devices that are issued to employees, the new report shows that more and more sensitive data is now being accessed and stored on devices that are outside Federal Control. Only slightly less than 30% of the respondents claim to have a mobile device management solution in place to handle remote wipe/lock of lost or stolen devices – raising the spectre of data falling into in appropriate hands.

Much of that risk can be reduced, by the use of Virtual Desktop or Hosted Application technology, since this does not store any data on the device being used to access the Federal Systems.  Communication between the data centres and the device are encrypted using SSL and with the addition of three-factor authentication the employee device can be as secure as anything issued by the Employer.

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