Spotlight turned on virtual desktop by specialist recruiter

Searchlight Recruitment have selected virtual desktop services from entrustIT to support the expansion of their business and to replace aging server technology.

Searchlight, based in London, provide specialist recruitment services for the media and entertainment sectors, including TV, film and music.

Stabilising their IT and rationalising and ring-fencing cost led them to investigate virtual desktop as a service solution and after a review of providers they selected entrustIT as their partner.

entrustIT are delivering a range of products from our portfolio, including hosted exchange, virtual servers and virtual desktops. Searchlight will have greater flexibility and more control over costs.

Read more about Searchlight Recruitment at their website

entrustIT welcome Byrne Dean as Virtual Desktop clients

Byrne Dean are specialist HR lawyers, consultants and trainers based in West Sussex, UK.

As part of a plan to move to new premises, Byrne Dean selected a Virtual desktop solution from entrustIT to ensure that IT services would continue to be delivered seamlessly to their large team of remote workers.

entrustIT delivered a full virtual desktop solution to their office based staff, coupled to a combination of hosted exchange and hosted sharepoint to give remote staff access to key documents (and a document repository) and corporate email. Documents added to the Sharepoint site by internal staff are visible to remote workers and vice versa. A seamless collaboration experience.

Virtual Desktop customers gain control of support issues

Virtual desktop providers, entrustIT have provisioned a web based support system allowing customers to view service status updates, browse a knowledge base and report new issues to the support team.

As well as creating new support tickets, an entrust user will be able to track the progress of their existing tickets and exchange information with entrust support. Customer administrators can see all tickets for their organisation.

The Support System can be found here and will require an entrust UserID and Password.

Licensing Office on an iPad or Android Tablet

There’s been some speculation recently about whether it’s possible to deliver a Windows/Office experience on tablets and still remain properly licensed. The main reason for the speculation has been the launch of the Onlive Desktop (note the spelling!) which seemed to provide exactly that, at no cost.

Microsoft have been strangely quiet on the subject until recently when in a blog post yesterday Joe Matz (VP of Worldwide Licensing) expressed openly what we had suspected for several months :

We are actively engaged with OnLive with the hope of bringing them into a properly licensed scenario, and we are committed to seeing this issue is resolved.

The same blogpost made it clear that there is only one way to deliver Office on mobile devices that are running an underlying OS other than Windows :

Office may only be provided as a service if it is hosted on Windows Server and Remote Desktop Services

So that’s it. Virtual Desktop providers can provide you with access to Windows & Office on your mobile device but we all use the legal licensing model that MS describe above. Hosted Desktop providers (like us) declare your license use monthly to MS and pay them a fee which is why commercial hosted desktop systems are not free. 

So, if you want commercially delivered, properly licensed, Microsoft Windows and Office on your tablet (of any type) then you need not

 ‘Nuff said.

Virtual Desktop support ticketing system introduced

To keep up with the demands of our ever-growing Virtual Desktop customer base, the decision was taken in autumn 2011 to implement a new support ticketing system. The solution went live in November 2011 and has been successfully integrated with our control panel and billing engine to enable us to increase the level of automation at all stages.

Accessible at, the new system allows a Virtual Desktop user to log an issue, track its progress and interact directly with the Support Team until resolution. Issues can also continue to be reported by Telephone or Email and these will also find their way into the support ticketing system, ensuring a single point of reference for all issues recorded.

Stage 2 will be the provision of management review to designated individuals within each customer allowing for monitoring of all issues reported by that business. This will follow in the Spring when testing completes.