Citrix xenapp enables virtual desktop on tablets

Underpinning the entrustIT hosted desktop range is Citrix XenApp; developments in the connection technologies provided by Citrix have enabled entrust to make all our virtual Desktop products available for tablet users, including :

  • iPad & iPad2
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Motorola Zoom
  • Blackberry Playbook

The good news is that for existing customers, the only step required is to download the appropriate Citrix Receiver from the App Store for your device of choice. Point the device at and enter your credentials and that’s all that’s required.

The beauty of this is that you can get a fully functional Windows Hosted Desktop, with all the application software you need – on almost any operating system (iOS, Android, BB). Couple it to a 3G connected device and you truly are completely mobile.

Citrix Xenapp

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