SMBs – Hosted beats DIY on cost every time.

According to a June 2011 report by “cloud enablement provider” Parallels, two-thirds (66%) of UK Micro-SMBs (companies with between 1 & 10 staff) do not have any form of hosted IT solution in place – preferring instead to retain their servers in house and just “DIY”. However, make the same comparison against traditional SMBs in the UK (between 11 & 250 employees) and only 14% are still completely DIY.

Drill down into the data further and the primary reason quoted by the M-SMBs for server retention is price (almost 65%) with security coming a distant second at 29%.

What makes that an odd statistic is the fact that “Desktop as a Service” solutions (like the entrustIT Virtual Desktop) have been rigorously calculated to cost around 65% of DIY solutions when compared over a 3 to 5 year period and they don’t require any up-front investment in technology.

If you’re a M-SMB or an SMB and you’re :

  • Multi-site, Mobile or Working from Home or
  • Considering investing in a Server for the first time or
  • Close to the point where an existing server needs replacement

Then now might be the time to think about abandoning your DIY aspirations and looking at Virtual Desktops with an open mind.


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