Finance Director – Online desktop helps keep costs low

FDs – Benefit from online desktop costs

IT is complex, and expensive. For many, it is nothing more than a headache. But it is also a requirement. Getting quality IT infrastructure for your business need not incur unbearable costs, or cause too many headaches. Fortunately, there is now a better way.

Traditional IT is outdated

We all realise that buying servers and workstations (hardware) is only a small part of the cost of running your IT. Factor in software for financial management, line of business applications and then the charges for installation and configuration and the costs can be up to three times as high. In addition, your software suppliers work to a 2 or 3 year upgrade cycle that often requires more new hardware and may not advance your business at all. Get above a certain size and the need for on-site IT support begins to emerge; a fixed cost that cannot be downsized easily.

Finance Directors - benefit from virtual desktop costs

Need to expand? A step change in costs will probably result. Need to contract? Well, don’t expect your IT costs to diminish as well. Those costs are fixed…or are they?

The future of IT provision for your company

With a hosted online desktop environment you get :

  • Fixed online desktop costs (per user, per month pricing)
  • Scalability (upward and downward)
  • Reliable, predictable cash flow because your online desktop costs are fixed for the contract term

Plus a whole series of additional benefits “out of the box”, things like :

  • Secure access to your IT from any internet enabled location
  • Disaster recovery for your IT systems – resilience and redundance
  • Software license management
  • Access to a skilled IT helpdesk with service levels

If you’re an FD or MD thinking about upgrading your IT systems then ask for a demonstration of our Online Desktop. Save yourself some money and get better IT – what could be better?