Cloud computing is a control headache for CIOs

A survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of BMC Software makes some interesting points about the adoption of cloud computing in larger organisations.  The survey included in-depth responses from 327 enterprise infrastructure executives and architects across the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific

  1. Among the CIOs surveyed, 72 percent agreed or strongly agreed that their business executives see cloud as a way to be independent of IT.
  2. Approximately 58 percent of respondents are running mission-critical workloads in the unmanaged public cloud regardless of policy, while only 36 percent have policies allowing this. Furthermore, respondents indicated that public clouds acquired by teams outside of IT are a top driver of complexity and risk.

So, what is happening here? Forrester suggest that the IT teams for these companies are professional, dedicated and committed to delivery but the business units themselves have no qualms about bypassing them completely to achieve a short-term business goal.

The reality is that organisations of all sizes are being forced to change far more quickly than in the past and they simply cannot wait for IT to deliver on the “grand strategy”. IT Directors and CIOs will need to embrace external cloud services and bring them into their IT plans if they want to stay relevant to their organisations.

More and more business leaders are turning to cloud solutions like Virtual Desktops to deliver their IT requirements quickly and flexibly – with an entirely predictable cost.

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