Google “Drive” a coach & horses through your privacy

The terms and conditions for new cloud service Google Drive could allow US law enforcement agencies to access your data, without your knowledge and without the need for a warrant.

Or at least, that’s what TrendMicro cloud evangelist, David Asprey believes. According to Mr Asprey the terms of use of Google Drive “destroy any expectation of privacy because … you give Google full right to do whatever they want to do with your data and of course one of those things is to give your information to law enforcement without a subpoena.”

By signing up to Google Drive, users give the tech giant a global license to “use, host, store, reproduce, modify or create derivative works and to publish, publicly perform and distribute that content.”

Simply put, anything they store, they have full rights to, that’s a world away from our Virtual Desktop service where your data is always yours.

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