How it Works

How online desktop works

With a personal computer (PC) all your programs and data are stored locally, on the hard drive (or perhaps the office or home network). An online desktop is one that doesn’t reside on your local computer – but at our secure data centres.

How an entrust virtual desktop works

Using a piece of software on your PC (or a special piece of equipment called a “thin client”) you connect to us and a full Microsoft Windows Desktop is displayed for you to work with. We take on the responsibility of protecting and securing your programs and data and also the installation of any upgrades or software fixes that are required.

Once you have logged into your desktop, it will open in a window. For the end user, it appears no different to the desktop on their local machine – work away as normal. The only difference is that you can take this desktop with you, wherever you go and on whatever device you use. You’re no longer confined to the PC in your office.

Our systems are available 24x7x365 and can be accessed from any Internet enabled location, meaning that your office can go wherever you do. IT disaster recovery and business continuity are immediately taken care of because your IT is no longer tied to a single location.

We have several virtual desktop options for you to choose from, all you need is broadband access to the internet and we will do the rest, from plans to implementation. We’ll work with you through the entire setup process in order to ensure you have an online desktop that fits your company needs. Your crucial apps and data are moved to the cloud and all online desktop issues are handled by our team of UK based engineers. You pay a single monthly charge, per user. Simple.