Independent software vendor (ISV) or Developer – Get your apps in the cloud

ISVs and developers : utilise hosted applications

Are you a software developer or software vendor?

Are you interested in getting your solution into the “cloud” so that you can take advantage of annuity based pricing and reach more potential customers?

Independent software vendor (ISV) or Developer hosted applicationsPerhaps you’ve considered building a hosted applications environment for your solution but the costs and complexity put you off.

Get ahead of the competition by putting your software in the cloud

We can deliver almost any Win32 or browser based software product utilising the same innovative technology we use to deliver online desktop. Your hosted applications can be delivered in a seamless window or as part of an online desktop. We provide the infrastructure and an initial point of contact for support issues and you provide the solution and the technical support. We can agree net pricing so that you can bill the client directly, or we can wrap your software costs into an overall price that we can bill on your behalf.

Whatever your solution needs, we have the hosted applications solution to get you into the cloud and accessible to potential clients – without them needing on-site support for installation or configuration. We handle everything via a virtual desktop connection to our datacentres.

If you’d like more information about how we can assist, then please contact us