IT Professionals

Hosted desktop white label services for IT companies

Are you an IT professional or an IT services company with an established client base?

Maybe you’ve read about “the cloud” and you’re worried that if your customers all decide to adopt cloud services it will be detrimental to your business.

Hosted Desktop white label for IT companiesAt entrustIT we believe that our hosted desktop white label service is an opportunity rather than a threat to your business. Consider :

  • Guaranteed IT availability for your customers, backed by a professionally manned support desk during business hours.
  • Disaster recovery, backup and resilience “out of the box”
  • A powerful reason for your customers to stay with you (our normal client retention rates are in excess of 95%)
  • The opportunity to earn up to 20% in monthly recurring revenue, allowing you to build a business that simply grows every year.
  • Increases your reach and your customers perception of you as an organisation.

Come and talk to us about our hosted desktop white label program  and let us help you build your business in partnership; or you can learn more here