Well Onlive raised the profile, but not … well

A couple of weeks ago the New York times posted an article praising the arrival of the Onlive Desktop on iPad; the gist of the article was that for the first time, a full Windows7 desktop was available on an Apple device and that the Onlive solution was quote “seamless and fairly amazing”.

This was news to us because we’ve been using Windows on an iPad since .. well .. the iPad1 was launched in 2010. In fact, even before that we had Windows on iPhones via our virtual desktop service and a clever piece of client software called the Citrix Receiver. So, all in all, the claim to uniqueness was a fairly bold one.

Not only that, but the Onlive experience isn’t that great; with only limited integration between the device and the desktop – in fact you can read what a more cautious Computerworld reviewer said about it here.

Our message to iPad (or Android) business users would be, Onlive is not the best or the only experience available for you. The truth is, you get what you pay for and their desktop is … free. If you’d like to try out a commercial alternative then get in touch.


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