Hosted desktop pricing starts low

A hosted desktop can cost you much less than you might think. Our hosted desktop pricing starts at around £45/$65 per user, per month for a Citrix desktop with access to email and including 5GB of data storage.

Hosted desktop pricing starts low

Select access to the latest Microsoft Office products and the additional monthly fees will include the rights to automatically upgrade to each new version as it is released. No installation required, we handle the whole process as part of the subscription.

When you factor in the costs of ongoing support, server replacement programs and the average 2 year extension to the life of a desktop PC we expect your total cost of ownership for a hosted desktop environment to be around 65% of do-it-yourself. Plus, our services scale up and down in a completely linear way – no nasty surprises.

To obtain hosted desktop pricing for your Business, contact us now, providing details of the number of users you have and what applications you use. We’ll send you a proposal by return and fix you up with a demo so that you test it for yourself.