Hosted Desktop Support

We deliver your hosted desktop (cloud computing) infrastructure as a managed service on a per user per month basis; all maintenance and hosted desktop support is included. Our technicians can also remotely access whatever device you are on to quickly resolve any technical problems.

With hosted desktop support is automaticTake the strain off your IT department
The computer in your office (PC, Mac or even a Linux box) can become just another device for running the entrust hosted desktop. Hand us your software licenses and we can host your Windows applications for you so you can access them from anywhere on any device.

All you need is a web browser, and an Internet connection.

Software updates are no longer a headache
Your hosted desktop is updated automatically with security patches from Microsoft so you don’t need to worry about it. And any software updates you request are performed by us and rolled out to all of your users without them having to do anything.

Adding or removing users and applications is easy
It takes a quick phone call or email to our support team to request a change to your users or their applications and, during normal working hours, it usually takes just minutes for us to make the change. This is ideal for businesses who take on temporary staff or only have a temporary need for a software product like Microsoft Project, for example.

Data back-ups and recovery
We automatically back up all the data in your hosted desktops so you don’t have to. And we can even recover files that you may have accidentally deleted within the past month