Floods not a barrier to hosted desktop workers

It’s almost impossible at the moment to switch on the television and not be bombarded with pictures of the flood misery facing inhabitants of the Thames Valley or the West Country as a result of the relentless, unremitting winter rain.

The loss of the train line at Dawlish, Cornwall effectively severed a main artery into that part of the country and understandably received a lot of attention.  What’s been less well reported on is the chaos being caused to commuters in the Thames Valley, many of whom are finding that their commuter train services have been slashed by 80% as a result of the floods.

Flood prevents trains operating

So, how are these people going to get into work? They probably won’t. Unless their company or organisation is one of the enlightened ones that have a sensible plan for home working / mobile working – perhaps providing a virtual desktop environment.

At least with a virtual desktop, you can work from home as if nothing had happened. At least until the Thames sluices in through the house and cuts off the internet…

Food for thought.

To find out more about how a virtual desktop solution could help your organisation in a flood, get in touch.