UK county councils reluctant to embrace G-cloud?

According to research by Bull Information Systems, UK county councils are largely ignoring the Government’s G Cloud initiatives in favour of their existing IT supply contracts and internal services. The research was based on Freedom of Information Act requests to 27 councils, with 26 respondees.

Bull cite two particular examples

  • Kent – the largest spending council on IT at £38.5m, spent less than 0.2% of its budget (£94,750) on G-Cloud solutions in 2012-13
  • Hampshire – a similar spender at £38m, spent nothing at all with G-Cloud in 2012-13

 In fact, across all the 26 councils (total IT spend £440m), in 2012-13 only £385,000 was spent with G-Cloud. A tiny fraction of the overall.

From inception to the end of March 2014, £175.5m in sales has been handled via G-Cloud, but only 20% of that was for local government. At 80%, central government looks more impressive until you consider that total central government IT spend is almost £7bn annually.

It seems that despite having 1,500 suppliers, offering more than 17,000 services, that G-Cloud is still being ignored by the majority of central and local Government CIOs for their IT procurement – despite anticipated savings of 25-60% over traditional IT.

It seems that without some central enforcement, there’s unlikely to be any break up of big ticket local government IT arrangements any time soon.

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